About AdRev
  • 27.5 Million Videos
  • 36+ Billion Annual Views

The AdRev Channel Network brings together successful YouTube Creators from around the globe with a mission to share knowledge for improving monetization, discovery, programming, audience growth and production quality for YouTube content.

Founded in 2011, AdRev has grown from humble beginnings as a Content ID admin and digital media licensing service to a multi-channel network generating over THREE BILLION monthly views. Our experience put us in a unique position to track and learn from the most famous videos on YouTube long before going viral. As experts in rights management we also understand how to handle 3rd party claims so that our partners can operate within appropriate copyright policy.

Our team is dedicated to helping your YouTube channel succeed and ensuring proper monetization of all of your videos. By partnering with AdRev, you get immediate access to a suite of benefits including dedicated support with video and channel optimization, unlimited access to a music and sound effect library we’ve licensed for your YouTube videos, access to all of the YouTube partner features, and so much more.

Management Team

  • Noah Becker
  • Alex Iovenko
  • Peter Amloian
    VP, Finance
  • Matt Whitmire
    VP Content Strategy
  • Brett Heatley
    Partner Management
  • Jesse Worstell
    Partner Management

Our Partners Include: