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Premium ads include non-skippable pre-roll ads, post roll, and other ad formats that can earn more than the standard ad formats available to partners that are not part of a network. In addition, we have ad sales partnerships in place that allow a team of sales agents to direct sell premium, higher earning ads into the AdRev Network and earn our members more money per view than they would otherwise achieve on their own. As an AdRev Talent Network partner, the option to enable non-skippable preview ads on your videos will be immediately made available in your YouTube account and you’ll automatically take advantage of our premium advertising opportunities.
You will receive payment within 45 days of the close of each month
We pay via Paypal. Be sure to get your Paypal set up if you do not have one already. If you did not have Paypal setup when you first joined the network, be sure to send the info to your talent manager once the account is ready! If you do not wish to use Paypal and you live in the United States, we can mail you a check however the minimum payment for a check is $100. This means you will not receive a payment by check until your total accumulated earnings have exceeded $100.
Yes of course! We have partners all around the world!
Yes and you will just need a legal parent or guardian to sign you up.
Yes once you are accepted into our network you will receive a welcome package that includes a guide to using your new tools and resources.
Once logged in, click the analytics button on the top right corner of your channel page. Alternatively you can go to http://www.youtube.com/analytics. Analytics data is generally delayed 2-3 days. So for data on Monday views, you will see that in your account by Wednesday or Thursday.
Yes. If your 3rd party matches are created by an audio match you can switch your audio using YouTube's AudioSwap feature. Use AudioSwap to replace your music with a track from an approved AudioMicro artist. Please refer to your orientation packet for a list of approved AudioMicro artist in AudioSwap. When the switch is complete, email partner-support@adrev.net including a list of edited video links and our team will transfer all claims over to you.
A claim is relatively harmless and just means you cannot monetize the video yourself. A copyright strike results from you receiving a take down notice from a 3rd party content owner.
Adsense can take several days to approve your videos for monetization - when you are an ATN partner, your videos will be instantly approved for monetization. Considering that views tend to surge within the first few days of uploading, instant monetization is a critical component in maximizing revenue from your videos. In addition your videos will have premium ads run on them to maximize per-view earnings. You will also have free access to the best royalty free music and sound effects library on the web and numerous other network partner benefits.
Yes you will retain complete ownership of your content and channel.
Banner images should be merged with the background image and uploaded with the background as a single image. The banner upload option is for mapping hyperlinks only. You can refer to our Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to create your custom banner after your channel is linked to our network.